You create the world in our shoes!

Hammer is a Polish footwear family owned business that has been creating a feminine style since 1982. The brand's offer is a response to the changing women’s needs who expect the highest quality and clothes that make them look and feel both beautiful and comfortable. Hammer shoes combine all those features and are chosen by modern women looking for classic elegance and following the latest trends. At the same time, they are also the best choice to those who spend the whole day on the move.

The use of the latest fashion trends, original designs and abundance of materials allow the brand to create unique and desirable collections.

On that account, women fall in love with our products at first sight and loyal customers keep coming back for another pair of shoes. Unsurprisingly, Hammer’s shoes are in pursuit of conquering the world, as oppose to destroying it!

You create the world in our shoes!

Conscious and responsible creation in slow mode, local production and natural materials make Hammer shoes not only beautiful and comfortable, but also ensure consumer awareness, provide a support to the Polish brand and sustainable production. Not every new pair of shoes has to contribute to the Earth destruction.

It is not easy to create clothes and shoes nowadays when we need to face the climate crisis, clothes mass-production damaging our planet and the trend limiting the purchasing power. The messages coming from the world is that we need to consider the consequences of our choices. We want our clients to feel and be aware of making well-informed decisions.

We make as much as we need!

Overproduction is one of the biggest environmental issues. Tons of clothes and shoes end up in landfills and pollute our planet. The Hammer brand does not want to be a part of this. We aim to avoid filling the warehouses with unnecessary inventory and we only produce as much as is needed.

Only if the customer does place an order, our experts start production process of a required handmade pair of shoes and it is available for a collection in a few days. With this approach, we minimize production waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

We do not follow fashion blindly. What we do is to keep up with the emerging trends and adapt them to both: our and classic style, so our projects are timeless. By choosing our products, clients not only contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution, but also provide the professionals with jobs.

However, this means that our products do nott come at bargain prices. Each pair of shoes that you order is new and does not lose its value regardless of the point of the purchase.

We create from natural materials

 The Hammer brand chooses natural materials. We offer shoes made of the highest quality natural leather, thanks to long-lasting cooperation with the best Polish and Italian tanneries.

We pay special attention to the materials and packaging, using only ecological cardboard packaging since 2021.

We work locally and in a women's circle

From the very beginning, HAMMER, as a family owned business, has been focused on the highest quality, slow mode creation and local production. The headquarter is located in Łódź along with the design studio and manufacturing. Most of the materials come from Polish suppliers. Hammer shoes are designed by a woman and created mainly by a team of female professionals. Thanks to their involvement, each model is a combination of beauty, attention to details and comfort. Quality has been and will always be in fashion.

We support other brands

The brand also focuses on cooperation with local companies. Following the principle of "brand supports the brand", it creates models of shoes for many Polish clothing companies willing to offer shoes of excellent quality.

It is with a great pleasure that we lend our shoes to photo sessions and image campaigns of Polish brands and designers. We also participate in fashion shows, where our shoes complement the collections.

 Hammer was cooperating with Angelika Józefczyk, Jarosław Ewert, Cosel, Maciej Domański, De La Fotta, Oh! Zuza, Vanilla night & DAY, Dom, Mody Skórska, Marzena Kowalska, Spectra, Afunguard, ReinKreacja.

The brand was also a partner of the Poznań International Fashion Fair twice, where, during the Gala, Hammer shoes complemented the collections of such brands as Dom Mody Skórska, Tova, LidiaKalita, Bohowo, Cosel, Kaaskada and Patrizia Aryton.

The founders of the brand believe that the strength is with the team; the team created with Polish fashion designers.

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